Ultheria Token


Any investment without a financial education is a failure!
It’s bad to have wealth without a financial education. It’s like giving a loaded weapon to a monkey. Knowledge is the key to secure and stable financial freedom. If every individual could have financial education, training in particular fields and orientations, the world will be a little better than it is today.
Who has knowledge holds the key to wealth and others!
The ULTHERIA academy will be the place where people can register to have courses in several areas such as:
Trading on the Forex Market
The cryptocurrency
Real estate
The courses will be given by well-qualified teachers in each area with specific experiences
· Entries will only be made with UTH currency.
· The courses will be online without any pressure. Learners will be able to take the courses when and where they want according to their availability. Courses will still be available on the academy server.
A part of the revenues from the activities of the academy will be distributed to holders who have at least 0.0005% of the total supply in circulation and a part also for charities. The rest will be used for development. We will give specific percentages after launch.