Ultheria Token


The Metaverse (contraction of «meta» and «universe», that is to say meta-universe) is a network of always active virtual environments in which many people can interact with each other and with these digital objects while exploiting virtual representations or avatars of themselves. Ultheria will create a virtual world where people can participate and organize with their avatars a multitude of activities that will be integrated such as:
  • The holidays
  • Single dating fairs where people can meet someone for meaningful relationships
  • Virtual properties
  • Casino house where people can play with other people
  • Car, motorcycle and horse races NFTs
  • Organization of all kinds of sporting activities
  • A lot of activities will be there to make users feel like they are in a real world.

Distribution of profits of activities :

  • 30% of activity revenue in this virtual world will be distributed to the most active users
  • 10% of the revenues from the activities will be used to buy back the tokens to be burned and to support the liquidity for the stability and the rise of the price of the token.
  • 55% of revenues will be for marketing and development.
  • 05% will be used for charity and charities around the world