Ultheria Token


The Ultheria Token is the currency that will rule the ULTHERIA ecosystem. It would serve to benefit from all the services and advantages of the multiple projects that will be developed in its ecosystem. For example: Academy, NFT Games, Hospitals, Exchange, Telecommunication, 5 Star Hotels, Shopping Malls, Metaverse... and many more projects that will follow one after another.
Holders of the Ultheria token are like shareholders and owners of all projects around the coin and will receive passive income. Not only do they receive dividends from each transaction, they will also receive shares of the profits generated by the activities of each project that Ultheria will carry out... It is a project that has the vision of changing the life of its community by making it better and positively affecting, directly or indirectly, the poor of the whole world. Everything that would be done around the UTH token will always aim to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the earth. The currency would be introduced into world trade.
Most tokens today are simply commodities and their growth is based on the number of holders. ULTHERIA is the different to all those tokens which, with this monetary system, will disappear over time.
Ultheria belongs to its community and would never be the property of the management team of the multiple projects that will be developed in its ecosystem and of which the holders of UTH tokens are like shareholders. More than 95% of cryptocurrencies in circulation today base their economic growth only on that of their community, such as *Ponzi Schemes. Unlike these, UTH's economic growth will not only rely on the growth of its community. We work and will work very hard with the support of the incredible community that we will form to guarantee the security and the economic stability of the ecosystem thanks to the diversity of projects with useful products for the development of the world population.