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Ultheria Wold Champion Football

Create the football team of your dreams in the game Ultheria Wold Champion Football. Enjoy a better football game experience on the Blockchain with spectacular comments and celebrations on the pitch. Score goals with the best players in the world and advance your team of superstar character NFTs. Compete in international competitions with other players.
Football stars will be waiting for you with more than 10,000 world-class football players as well as more than 500 teams of the best clubs you can imagine.
Participate in events that correspond to football league seasons "UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa Champions League''.
You get at the end of the competition, NFT players or experience points that you can redeem UTH chips to hone your incumbent players to increase their game performance and selling prices on the marketplace if you decide to sell a football player from your team.
Create your dream team and embark on a footballing epic.
To play the game, players will have two choices: compose their own team by purchasing football superstar NFTs from the marketplace or join the game’s default football teams with their NFTs.
Match players against players:
PvP matches are looking for optimized opponents on a global scale.
A bet amount per player will be defined. The winner wins 70% of the total bet and 30% goes to play.