Ultheria Token


ULTHERIA will have its own exchange or a multitude of currencies could be listed and exchanged. While the massive adoption of cryptocurrency is already taking shape in Africa, most exchanges that are created do not take into account the realities of monetary exchange of Africa including many other countries of the continent where the population counts a max adoption of cryptocurrency. The Exchange will take into account the realities of each continent in order to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies in all kinds of currencies whatever the country and the continent. Ultheria exchange will have the same features and functionality as some of the best exchanges that already exist. Ultheria will add novelties to allow all users to have a ease of exchange of cryptocurrencies, easy access to the bank and international transfers fast at a lower cost without protocol.
For example:
Each user who has an Ultheria account will have a bank account number. He can bank with his ultheria account.
Have an easy exchange of cryptocurrencies in local currency: users can convert cryptocurrencies from their accounts to their bank account numbers and can withdraw from a bank.
They can also deposit FIAT money on their account number and withdraw it in cryptocurrency. No more hassle, no more banking formalities to send money to anyone anywhere in the world. An instant transfer at a lower cost.
A Ultheria Visa Card rechargeable by cryptocurrencies or Fiat with the possibility of withdrawal at the ATM and online bill payments.
The ability to send or withdraw cryptocurrencies in FIAT to Mobile Currency numbers for users in countries where GSM operators offer money exchange services.

Distributions of Exchange profits:

  • 30% will be distributed to platform users who meet criteria that will be defined after launch.
  • 10% will be used for buyback and liquidity for stability and rising token price
  • 55% will be used for development and marketing
  • 05% will be used for charity and charities all over the world