Ultheria Token

Networks & Telecommunications

Telecommunications have an important place in the economy and the development of peoples in the 21st century. Especially now that we are moving towards a digital world, people need a telecommunications network connection accessible to all at a very low cost and of better quality. The current telecommunications networks are for a group of people whose interest is to enrich themselves at the expense of consumers. This even explains the high cost of telecommunications. Ultheria will make a mobile telecommunications network available to the people. With this network which now belongs to the holders of the currency Ultheria telephone communication, broadband internet and others will be at a low cost and better quality. A portion of the consumption of each user of the ULTHERIA network services would be returned to the users. The mobile telecommunications network will henceforth belong to the people thanks to the crypto Ultheria for all and not to a group of individuals who make the prices of communication in their interests to enrich themselves.