Ultheria Token


The player’s mission will be to eliminate, kill monsters, avoid traps and recover artifacts. To do this, he will need more sophisticated weapons than the default weapon assigned to him. The weapons will be available on the Ultheria NFT Marketplace. He will also have the possibility to recover some in the game that he can use or resell on the market-place. Each player is entitled to 5 games each day. After the 5, if the player wants to continue playing, he will have to buy games with Ultheria tokens if he still wants to continue playing.
Distribution of profits on gaming activities:
  • 25% will be distributed to holders who have a minimum of 0.0005% of total supply outstanding
  • 10% will be used for buyback and liquidity for stability and rising token price.
  • 60% will be used for development and marketing
  • 05% will be used for charity and charities all over the world.